Friday, September 4, 2015

september fourth

Five for September 4th:

Up the Irons. Iron Maiden’s Book of Souls is released today. Been streaming it all morning and it rules- definitely the best thing they’ve put out since Dance of Death- possibly since Seventh Son. I’ll be picking up a physical copy later.

I don’t get it. Grown-up men and women are talking passionately about footballs that may have not had enough air in them and how people should be fined thousands of dollars/lose jobs over them. Actual adults.

Sign the petition. Make Bigoted Clerk Follow God’s Law, Be Stoned For Adultery. Come on, Kim. You’re not afraid to put your money where your mouth is, are you?

Cool stuff. Adventures of SuperJane and SuperGeorge, Key & Peele Hollywood Sequel Doctor, Lost in Transition: the Band X pool, getting paid, popcorn Friday.

Three-day weekend action. Hell Night and Mutoid Man at Fubar, Anchovy’s garage sale, hanging out with the crew, skate/BMX sessions, Fear the Walking Dead, not working, labor day back porch barbecues.

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