Thursday, September 17, 2015

september seventeenth

Five for September 17th:

Birthdays. Generally speaking, they’re not so interesting once you get into your thirties- but when you have a kid who gets as excited about them as Jane does, you can’t help but be into it. Thanks to everyone for the awesome 38.

Feel the Bern. The Biggest Winner Of The CNN Republican Debate Was Bernie Sanders, Bernie was never going to win over Liberty U. He was giving Democrats a preview of his leadership, An Evangelical responds to Sanders’ speech at Liberty University.

Gift horse. Hand-painted rock from Jane, Assault HMC guest deck, Starbucks and Lowes gift cards, fifty bucks, brownie cake.

Cool stuff. Haro DMC Master video from Interbike, morning bagels and drum talk, Plastic Galaxy: the Story of Star Wars Toys on Hulu, free lunch, afternoon flatland, Armageddon is Here: GOP Christian Fundamentalists See Photo of Deputy and Marine Getting Married, Top 10 Playstation 1 RPGs.

Late finish. Started this list at 9 o’clock this morning and am finishing it at 4:15. How’s that for expediency?

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