Wednesday, September 16, 2015

september sixteenth

Five for September 16th:

Getting old. I guess this is what 38 looks like.

Haro tribute series. Hot on the heels of the recent slew of 80’s-era Freestyler reissues, Haro just announced the drool-inducing 2016 Dennis McCoy Master-the best one so far. It’s a good thing I’m broke.

Skate raging. Hit Ramp Riders for a session last night with Andy, Jason, Brian and Rich. First time there in a long time. It was fun, but they need to re-layer that mini ramp something fierce. That thing is destroyed.

Cool stuff. Homemade birthday card from Jane, Kenner’s abandoned 1985 Star Wars toy line, The 10 Best Front Brake Riders of All Time, Ranchito with Tom, The Warriors Come out to Play in Coney Island One Last Time.

Irving ISD. These fucking idiots all need to be sued into bankruptcy and never allowed near children again.

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