Thursday, September 3, 2015

september third

Five for September 3rd:

Seoul Taco. Steak Gogi bowl with Kimchi rice and a Send Help? Yes please. Also, best restroom artwork anywhere.

eBay Watch. The May/June segment is up and features some top-shelf awesomeness, including a rare Santa Cruz Special Edition “fish” model, which a childhood friend in my neighborhood had and was perhaps the first non-department store board I ever rode.

Rough week for Jane. She’s in better spirits than I would be following a week consisting of a mosquito bite onslaught, emergency trip to the dentist, and getting fingers accidentally squeezed in the closet door. Handling it like the trooper she is.

Cool stuff. The pig is in the sty, Super Golden Crisp, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood on Netflix, Donald Trump insult generator, Bruce Air to Paris to hear The Book of Souls.

Salad Days. Salad Days: A Decade of Punk in Washington, DC is on Hulu, effective today. Definitely on my must-watch (sson) list.

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