Wednesday, September 30, 2015

september thirtieth

Five for September 30th:

September. This month blew by in a heartbeat, as did all of summer. It’s definitely starting to feel like fall out there.

Fear the Walking Dead. While I dig the show and am interested in seeing where it goes, I think it squandered a lot of potential by not showing a more gradual breakdown of civilization with a heavier emphasis on daily survival in the wake of an epidemic- which is really what everyone hoped it would be. Instead we just got this uninteresting flash-forward to a fenced-in pseudo police-state. Squandered, I tell you.

Interesting question. Has the skateboard industry lost touch with the everyday skater? Answer: yes. Better question: who really cares?

Cool stuff. Welcome team at Woodward West, Snakewoods last call, friends and family night at Jane’s preschool, proper BMX parenting, bacon and gouda breakfast sandwich, Nardonzo, Sanders touts 1 million online donations.

You learn something new every day. Apparently Josh Brolin was the drummer for Rich Kids on LSD at one point. Who knew?

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