Monday, September 28, 2015

september twenty-eighth

Five for September 28th:

George. Our little dude is four months old as of yesterday. It’s awesome to watch him grow every day and develop his own little personality. Definitely one of the two coolest kids ever.

Dillinger Four. This Saturday at Firebird. Haven’t seen them since the old Creepy Crawl days, at least a decade ago. Also playing are the Humanoids who I also haven’t seen in way too long. Be there, unless you hate good music.

Party in the park. Another one in the books. Good times hanging out with the neighborhood crew, enjoying the mega-mild weather and watching Jane throw down like never before.

Cool stuff. Work coffee restock, Iron Maiden A Matter of Life and Death shirt, Keith Richards Under the Influence on Netflix, blueberry waffles, new Bruce Dickinson interview, Cultivate: Volume 1.

Enough already. Any store with Christmas shit out in late September has earned themselves a minimum two-month boycott. I’m not even kidding- I won’t have this crap shoved down my throat while I’m still wearing shorts every day.

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