Wednesday, September 23, 2015

september twenty-third

Five for September 23rd:

Fall. Pros: low humidity, mild weather, good holidays, jackets/hoodies. Cons: end of DST, ushers in the dreaded winter, turns St. Louis from lush and green to depressing and gray seemingly overnight.

George. Seems like he’s taking pretty well to the new crib, which is great, and Jane hasn’t made a peep about not having it in her room anymore, which is even better.

Seoul Taco. Steak Gogi bowl with Kimchi rice in t-minus 30 minutes.

Cool stuff. New Dan’s Comp catalog, fresh pack of Sharpies, the man behind a mysterious miniature town, trains for Jane, 2015 BMX SOS Classic photo gallery.

Not fooling anyone. I am seeing an unsettling number of people online this morning pretending they knew Yogi Berra was still alive.

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