Thursday, October 8, 2015

october eighth

Five for October 8th:

Cards vs. Cubs. Round one of the NLDS series starts tomorrow. The long-standing rivalry will make for some good watching. Fall is most definitely here.

Doomsday. I think yesterday was the fifth one I’ve lived through in my lifetime. Who can remember? Nonsense all tends to run together after 38 years.

Future Primitive. The next series of Bones Brigade reissues are due out in November and are amazing, especially that Lance Mountain and Tommy Guerrero. These guys are out to bankrupt me.

Cool stuff. Afternoon skate sesh, these eight cities just abolished Columbus Day, With Ben Carson, the Doctor Is Always Out, Ranchito with Tom, the House GOP just entered full meltdown mode.

Skatemaster Tate. Bummer news on the state of things for the former Sk8 TV host and seemingly all-around nice dude. Throw in if you can.

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