Thursday, October 15, 2015

october fifteenth

Five for October 15th:

George. Little dude probably had his best night of sleep last night since exiting the womb, going for a whole uninterrupted six-hour stretch and giving Lisa some much-needed z’s.

Earliest draft of King James Bible found. “The King James Bible was produced by six teams of translators, known as “companies,” who were charged with creating an authorized version that would support the Church of England against the Puritan influence seen in some earlier translations.” That, my friends, is not a “translation”- it’s propaganda, plain and simple.

Taters forever. Some really nice tributes from Thrasher and The Ride Channel on the man, myth, and legend.

Cool stuff. My girl, new issue of Ride BMX, Vision Barge at Will on Youtube, Shred for Shockus 2015, free Imo’s, lunch with Lisa, morning solo skate sesh.

Thursday soundtrack. Big Drill Car, Uniform Choice, Splatcats, Motorhead, Husker Du, Minutemen, Venom.

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