Tuesday, October 6, 2015

october sixth

Five for October 6th:

This morning. Took Jane on her first-ever school field trip to the pumpkin patch, where we did a hayride, went through a haunted maze, saw a gigantic turkey, and played in not one but two sandboxes. Capped it off with a donut date at Tim Horton’s. Can’t beat it.

Registration Expiration Date: 2017-09-25. Weird that they’d register the domain on this website for two years knowing that the world is ending tomorrow. Seems like sort of a waste.

FTWD. The first season of Fear the Walking Dead ended (far too quickly) on Sunday with the best episode yet, giving me hope for the future after an intriguing but ultimately unsatisfying first few episodes.

Cool stuff. Assault punk point and sticker stack in the mail, oldest video footage of NYC, Stan Musial Rubik’s Cube portrait, Black Fast The Coming Swarm video, getting to work with friends.

Tuesday soundtrack. Wipers, Pere Ubu, The Faith, Void, Samhain, Jawbox, Television, Down By Law, early Metallica.

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