Thursday, October 1, 2015

october first

Five for October 1st:

October. Right on schedule, the Cardinals clinch their third consecutive NL central on a Heyward grand slam and send us into playoff season. It wouldn’t be fall without it.

Star Wars. Jane loves hanging out in the attic playing with my Star Wars figures, and can now name almost every main character. She wants to watch the actual movies, but being that she’s still freaked out by Darth Vader and the Imperial Walkers, that might have to wait a couple of years. Either way, that’s my girl.

Road trip. Iron Maiden just announced their 2016 Book of Souls tour dates, and the closest they’re getting to STL is Chicago on April 6th. Sounds like a pretty good way to ring in the spring to me.

Cool stuff. George’s four-month picture, quick morning curb sesh, The Seylynn Story, Matt Hobbson Freewheelin’, beef brisket and tequila lime green beans, selling stuff on eBay, cleaning out closets.

Bottomless thumb drive. Many months and thousands of photos later, this $3.99 Target-endcap clearance Lexar thumb drive is still chugging away, eagerly accepting more GBs worth of pictures than could reasonably be expected.

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