Tuesday, October 13, 2015

october thirteenth

Five for October 13th:

RIP Skatemaster Tate. Gone too soon. Go watch some SK8TV, jam some tunes and remember the good days. Fuck cancer.

Last night. Pizza picnic in the living room followed by an evening walk to the park with the birthday girl (and Elsa). Not too shabby for a Monday night.

Planet Score. I’ve driven by there a number of times wondering what the deal was, but it looks like this new Maplewood record store is on the verge of an official open. It’ll be rad to have (another) good record store nearby.

Cool stuff. Sleepy Kitty Mockingbird video, chicken tikka masala from Taj Mahal, coffee and curbslides, 15 Racist Confederate Flaggers Charged With Terrorism For Crashing Black Child’s Birthday,

Do or die. Either the Cards tie the series up tonight and take it back to Busch Stadium for game five, or the Cubs advance after wiping the floor with us the last two nights.

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