Tuesday, October 20, 2015

october twentieth

Five for October 20th:

First tooth. George is officially teething, as of yesterday, with the tip of a single little tooth poking up from his bottom gums. He’ll be scarfing down sandwiches in no time.

Star Wars. The newest Force Awakens trailer is online and will surely give chills to even the most casual fan of the original franchise (and hope to all those who despise the prequels, which is everyone). Speaking of, there’s a group of morons apparently boycotting the movie because there’s a black guy in it. Guess they've never seen any of the other ones.

Tonight. Dad & daughter night at Jane’s preschool. Any evening I get to spend with my girl is a good evening.

Cool stuff. New office chair, Skatevisions full video on Youtube, berry cobbler oatmeal, 'Joel Oldsteen' trolls Joel Osteen on Facebook, stop n' pop.

Tuesday soundtrack. Mercyful Fate, Descendents, Agent Orange, Voivod, Tommy Guerrero, Deep Purple.

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