Wednesday, October 28, 2015

october twenty-eighth

Five for October 28th:

George. The little guy turned 5 months old yesterday, and is celebrating by rolling all over the floor, getting a couple of new teeth in, and sleeping sporadically. It’s tough to be an infant.

Tattooing. 2016 is when I finally get some new work done, namely getting this dumb tribal thing I got when I was 18 turned into something less embarrassing (which is anything).

Kraftwerk. Footage of their first show in 1970 has surfaced on Youtube. Four songs in 48 minutes. Don’t sleep on it.

Cool stuff. La Pizza revisited, enterprising kid made a PowerPoint to convince his parents to let him play GTA, hoverboard Halloween costume, Sumatra re-up, body-slamming pig fired.

The Arch turns 50. Most major cities would never even consider decimating a quarter of their downtown waterfront business district to put a giant statue on, but what’s done is done. Hope everyone is enjoying those green spaces and Dolly Parton concerts.

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