Wednesday, October 21, 2015

october twenty-first

Five for October 21st:

Father’s night. Threw cotton balls at spider webs, made a ghost-in-a-cup, banged on instruments, designed a picture frame, and got to spend the evening hanging out with my awesome kid.

Indian summer. 78 degrees and sunny at the end of October? Sign me up.

Back to the Future Day. Maybe Marty McFly and Doc Brown can use some of that nuclear waste from the Bridgeton landfill to fly their DeLorean out of my Facebook feed.

Cool stuff. Doyle at the Ready Room, JD McPherson at Off Broadway, salted caramel Greek yogurt, Redd Kross on Spotify, baseball card vandals, lunch with Tom.

Around the house. Finally got the light switch in the dining room replaced and the plumbing in the downstairs bathroom fixed, which means we have consistent hot water (and decent water pressure) for the first time since moving in.

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