Monday, October 26, 2015

october twenty-sixth

Five for October 26th:

Fun weekend. Rad weather, pumpkin carving, going to the park, brunch with friends and neighbors, playing some drums, hanging out with the goobers. Can’t beat it.

Crail Couch. Been my early-morning ritual for a week or so now. So much good stuff to watch, and I’ve barely cracked into them.

DST. One week left. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Cool stuff. October photo dump, insane new Jordan Hoffart part, rare Monty Nolder footage, snickerdoodles, free pick packs, The Flash on Netflix, Creach Tube.

Skating. Another practically skate-free weekend in the books, but I did manage to squeeze in an hour or so at Webster on Saturday morning with a potential Ramp Riders session in the works for some evening this week.

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