Friday, October 23, 2015

october twenty-third

Five for October 22nd:

Don’t come over. As I type this, the following is happening within 50 feet of our house: our neighbors are moving out (two giant moving trucks), Laclede Gas is ripping up parts of the sidewalk to replace gas lines (all manner of utitlity/construction vehicles), and the house two doors down is replacing their driveway (giant dumpster full of rubble, assortment of large trucks and bulldozers, giant piles of gravel).

Current setups. Assault HMC, 1031 Danforth, Powell Welinder. What’s my deal with green decks these days?

George rules. The chilliest and sweetest kid in the universe. Smiles (and cheeks) for miles. Love when I get to spend some quality time with him in the mornings.

Cool stuff. Friday curbslides, beef and barley soup, more Rumble in Ramona footage, Someone is trolling Kellogg's with brutal fake Frosted Flakes ads, Company to Offer $1 Alternative to Cancer Pill Hiked 5,000%, Dungen on Spotify, John Cusack Has Nothing Against Better Off Dead, Days of the Shaggin' Wagon: A Look at 1970s Custom Vans.

Weekend action. Not much planned save for a potential skate session at MoFo and a friend’s kid’s 3rd birthday party. What’s happening?

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