Wednesday, November 18, 2015

november eighteenth

Five for November 18th:

Night shreds. Mega fun session at Ramp Riders last night with Andy, Brian and Rick. Two days of rain can’t put a damper on the gnar.

Gregg Turkington on Entertainment. “I’d like to see the tables turned a little bit so now they can feel the revulsion that I feel when I walk into Walgreens and Justin Bieber and Diplo’s music is blaring through the speakers, and I’m paralyzed with horror like, “Why do I have to fucking hear this? I’m just here to buy some Q-tips, and I have to listen to this fucking shit?”

Big kids. Jane is in like the 98th percentile for height for her age, and George is already in 12-17 month clothing and not even 6 months old yet. Is there something in the water?

Cool stuff. Ranchito with Tom and Craig, New Dan’s Comp catalog and issue of Skate Jawn zine, Ben Carson shattering stereotype about brain surgeons being smart, five-dollar 31” Star Wars Inquisitor, dreamsicle breakfast shakes.

Southwest Diner. How did I not think to just go there on occasional weekday mornings before work? Gonna have to start hitting it once a month or so. Way overdue on my fiery scramble and sopapilla fix, and weekends are out of the question these days.

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