Thursday, November 5, 2015

november fifth

Five for November 5th:

Crisis averted. Stupid thing at work that was keeping my up the last couple of nights trying to figure out how to fix turned out to fix itself. I’ll take that outcome anyday.

White Birch Park. Quick lunch sesh yesterday afternoon was rad. Had the place to myself. First time there, will definitely be back. Talk about a hidden gem.

Planet Score. The new record store in Maplewood finally opened this week. Talk about a rad shop- so much good stuff. These were in the $1.99 bin, for god’s sake.

Cool stuff. MC5 Detroit 1970, new Dan’s Comp catalog, 10 reasons to skate after 40, fun morning with the kids, Lost Bowl Invitational 2015 footage, new car iPhone charger.

Mi Ranchito. Giant bowl of chicken soup in t-minus two hours and counting.

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