Thursday, November 19, 2015

november nineteenth

Five for November 19th:

Get it now. A couple more days of sun and mild-ish temperatures before a miserable weekend of rain and cold sets in. Four months till spring.

Street survivors. The gas line work that has been slowly snaking its way around the park toward our house finally arrived this morning, with full crew of workmen and all manner of construction trucks and digging apparatus blasting away at various sections of sidewalk. Hopefully they get it over with quickly with minimal damage.

Quote of the week. "In the wake of the Paris attacks, 25 republican governors have vowed to block all Syrian asylum seekers from entering their states, since ONE of the terrorists snuck into France with other Syrian refugees. In addition to being devoid of the most basic human integrity, that reaction is the height of right-wing hypocrisy- because whenever there is a domestic gun massacre, those same republicans are the first to insist you can't blame all the good gun owners for the acts of a few madmen." -Unknown

Cool stuff. Total Recall: Concussions and Carrot Bush, Bernie Sanders Rolling Stone interview, grilled cheese, pre-work curb sesh, watching Toy Story with Jane.

Wicker Man. Brian hipped me to this rare alternate mix of Iron Maiden’s Wicker Man with an amazing call-and-response chorus section that was inexplicably left off of the album version despite being awesome. Dig it.

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