Monday, November 9, 2015

november ninth

Five for November 9th:

Steve Caballero. Turned 51 yesterday and is still ripping, which gives me hope that I have at least 13 years of skating ahead of me. The search for Chin continues unabated.

Jane quote of the weekend. "This is the party of love, so you need to get in line."

BMX. Brought the Haro in today in the hopes of getting some parking lot flatland riding in this afternoon after a couple months off. Been missing it lately.

Cool stuff. These two, playing Candyland with Jane, blueberry breakfast biscuits, The 5 longest video game console life spans, Russian bus driver enjoys punishing drivers who cut him off, 3 Kings with Tom and Brian, Tim Wolfe resigns.

Skating. The whole crew was out in full force at JB on Saturday, taking advantage of the amazing weather. Also found out the mini at Ramp Riders is done being relayered, just in time for the winter skate season.

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