Monday, November 2, 2015

november second

Five for November 2nd:

Halloween. The skies cleared up after a day of rain for a super fun and mild-temperatured (if not slightly damp) romp around the neighborhood. Jane had a blast, and George even hung in for most of it like a champ.

The end of DST. Major bummer as always, but a week of mid-to-high 70’s temps to kick off November makes it slightly easier to stomach. At least for now.

Ramp Riders. Hit it up for a couple hour session on Saturday with Andy, Chris and Jesse. The mini ramp is getting a much-needed relayering on November 5, just in time for the winter indoor skate season to get underway.

Cool stuff. Breakfast shakes, new Hell Night hoodie, leftover candy, Monday morning railslides, new episode of South Park, last CSA box of the year, Aldibrau sampler box, Thrasher Halloween Hellride 4 footage.

Forest Park in Fall. Sunday morning hiking trip through Forest Park was amazing. Nothing beats it. Go now before everything dies.

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