Tuesday, November 17, 2015

november seventeenth

Five for November 17th:

Chowing down. George successfully ate his first solid food last night- some avocado, also a favorite of Jane’s around that age. Pretty sure I didn’t have an avocado until sometime after I had moved into my first apartment.

Pikazo. There have been a few moments in the history of modern technology that left me truly dumbfounded. Number one was when I saw Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on N64 for the first time. The second was the when a friend used Shazam on their iPhone to identify a song that was playing in a restaurant. The third is the astounding Pikazo app. Bonus: Made in STL!

Breakfast shakes. Lisa’s dark chocolate/cherry/spinach/protein concoctions are unbelievably awesome and healthier than something that tastes that good should be.

Cool stuff. 4-day weekend season, Facebook Top 30, home Sumatra roast restock, Heroin Skateboards Bath Salts premier photos, the Traveling Toaster, 'Star Wars: Despecialized Edition' Restores the Original, Unedited Trilogy, free box of Snark picks.

Tuesday soundtrack. Devo, Hellacopters, Motorhead, Rolling Stones, the Roots, No Means No, Rocket from the Crypt.

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lisa said...

I guess I need to read your blog regularly now. You like my husband's app. :)