Friday, November 13, 2015

november thirteenth

Five for November 13th:

One year ago today. We found out we’d be having a boy, hence completing the ultimate nuclear family (complete with dog and white picket fence). Today, he’s the real deal, and getting sweeter by the minute.

With Bob And David. The new Mr. Show spinoff premiers today on Netflix and the reviews thus far are good. There’s definitely some binge-watching about to happen.

The Loop Trolley. Costs have now climbed over the $51 million mark with no end in sight. “It’s disgraceful that that kind of money is being spent on a 2-mile amusement ride.”

Cool stuff. Friday the 13th, new Black Market deck from my brother, The Arrow, morning curbslides, Jane at the City Museum, 1987 - Del Mar Skate Ranch w/ Mike Smith.

Weekend action. Beautiful one coming up and little in the way of solid plans. Finish up the backyard, take the kids to some parks, skate a bit, ride a bit, Heavy Metal brunch, grill out, chill out.

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