Wednesday, November 25, 2015

november twenty-fifth

Five for November 25th:

One year ago yesterday. Shit was going downhill in Ferguson so quickly and terribly that I had to turn off the news and watch a Brian Bosworth documentary on Netflix.

George. Our little dude will hit the half-year mark on Friday, and it shows. I estimate he’s about a week away from crawling, and he’s developing more and more of a little personality every day.

Pumpkin pie. One of many that will be consumed over the next few days just appeared on the table in our office. 'Tis the season.

Cool stuff. Jane’s preschool Thanksgiving pictures, $2 Stepbrothers DVD, Salba Bevel complete, new episodes of South Park, Ranchito with Brian and Tom.

Long weekend. A couple of scattered family get-togethers, Hell Night EP release at Firebird, a skate session or two, and whatever else comes along. Seeya Monday.

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