Tuesday, November 24, 2015

november twenty-fourth

Five for November 24th:

Southwest Diner. Fiery scramble, cup of Kaldi's and a copy of Thrasher is a good recipe for a Tuesday morning.

Feel the Bern. Bernie Sanders and Killer Mike grabbed lunch at a soul food restaurant yesterday in Atlanta. Meanwhile, on the other side of the aisle, Donald Trump is openly encouraging his supporters to rough up black people. There’s only one right side of this.

SoCal Skates. Picked up a new Powell Skull & Sword for ultra-cheap today by utilizing a combination of black Friday promo discounts, reduced free shipping, and some accumulated points. Sometimes it just all comes together.

Cool stuff. November iPhone photo dump, 15 years of Enjoi, fake Black Friday deals, Raditudes: We’re Not Dying Today, NYT Publishes Scathing Takedown of Trump’s ‘Racist Lies’, Habitat Inhabitants DVD loaner, evening tea parties with Jane.

John Oliver on refugees. “Let’s be honest here, every generation has had its own ugly reaction to refugees, whether they are the Irish, the Vietnamese, the Cubans or the Haitians, and those fears have been broadly unfounded. In fact, there was only one time in American history when the fear of refugees wiping everyone out did actually come true, and we’ll all be sitting around a table celebrating it on Thursday.”

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