Monday, November 23, 2015

november twenty-third

Five for November 23rd:

Three-day workweek. Or should I say upcoming four-day weekend? It’s a win either way you slice it.

Date night. Went to Dressel’s for a rare evening out with Lisa on Saturday. Some Stone Coffee Milk Stout, pretzel with rarebit, stock-pot soup, and conversation about stuff other than kids was just what the doctor ordered.

America 2015. This picture sums it up so perfectly it hurts. Also, in case you had lost track, Donald Trump's hatemongering has moved on to African-Americans.

Cool stuff. Insane Kevin Kowalski compilation, SuperJane, short and sweet Ramp Riders Saturday session, Sean Burns Ender Ender, What was it like to be a Nintendo game play counselor?

Yesterday. Took the van to Dobbs for some new front tires. I wrongly assumed if I got there early I’d be in and out. Turned out to be a four hour wait, so I grabbed some coffee, zipped up my hoodie and just walked the couple miles back home. Luckily the sun was out.

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