Friday, December 11, 2015

december eleventh

Five for December 11th:

Santa’s little helper. Spent the morning with Jane hanging out at her preschool, making ornaments, and getting in her first visit with the man in red. She asked for a Buzz Lightyear and scored a totally sweet reindeer cup. Good times.

Late entry. Rolling in to the office at noon and trying to play catch-up with actual work means this thing will be going up after hours. What can you do?

Shave and a haircut. Henry is currently the shaggiest he has been in years. At least a month overdue for a trip to the groomer. Happening next week, mercifully.

Cool stuff. Early evening Deer Creek curb session, getting paid, free lunch at the office, President Obama Finalizing Plan to Expand Background Checks—Without Congress, 25th anniversary Hoffman Bikes swag.

Weekend action. Moving a couch, JB skate sesh, The Sword at Ready Room or Kadu Flyer at Schlafly, cleaning up the house, hanging out with the family, drinking coffee, riding the BMX.

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