Monday, December 14, 2015

december fourteenth

Five for December 14th:

Early to rise. Downstairs at 5:45 this morning, drinking coffee and watching Rage at the Badlands parts 1-5.

Home furnishings. Sleeper couch for the front room getting delivered today, in the process of picking out a new dining room table and chairs, new TV stand/cabinet in the back room to replace the cheap college dorm-style thing we’ve had running sine our first apartment.

Skating. The ground never quite fully dried out this weekend despite the 70 degree weather, so we moved the Saturday session indoors to Ramp Riders. Kind of a bummer to skate inside on such a nice day, but JB was soaked and it was that or nothing. Good times nonetheless.

Cool stuff. George slept almost all night last night, new issue of Ride BMX, Schlafly grapefruit IPA, free cold frame for the garden, Odyssey 30 year jam, Star Wars sound design: a video breakdown of all the secrets behind the sounds, enchiladas, clean carpets, 3 Kings with Tom.

Hitting the town. Gelato outside at Di Riso on the Hill, Chris’ Pancakes for summer omelettes, Clifton Park playground with the goobers, walking the 'hood.

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