Wednesday, December 9, 2015

december ninth

Five for December 9th:

Yesterday sucked. In addition to being stuck in the Loop for an hour and a half with a dead battery at lunch, I started feeling a cold coming on and spent the evening blowing through a box of Kleenex. One $100 battery and a bag of Zicam later, things are getting back on track.

Elf on the shelf. We’re having a blast playing it with Jane this year, who wakes up every morning eager to catch the elf in some sort of misdeed and scold him for it. Good times.

Tyson’d. Instead of arguing about guns on Twitter, Neil deGrasse Tyson just laid out the numbers.

Cool stuff. Nyquil, Cannibal Corpse and Obituary at Ready Room, Jon Stewart Returns To The Daily Show And He’s Pissed, Tom Brokaw blasts Trump in a powerful video, Zippy Burger, modernist treasure hidden in the Kingshighway U-Haul building, Golden Grahams.

SOTY 2015. AVE wins it, which is certainly deserved (plus it’s rad to see someone my age get it). That said, hoping to live to see the day where Ben Raybourn can claim what is rightfully his.

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