Thursday, December 3, 2015

december third

Five for December 3rd:

God Isn’t Fixing This. Another day, another newspaper giving no fucks with regard to calling hypocrite politicians out on their bullshit. Also, your opinion on gun control doesn’t matter.

January NAMM. For the first time in years I’m actually sorta jazzed to go out to the show. In addition to it being a huge one for SLM, I’ll be rooming with Seth and have a few plans with California friends and industry people I only see from time to time cooking. Plus, some sunshine and palm trees in January is always nice.

Quebano at Vernon’s. The dream is alive.

Cool stuff. New Dan’s Comp catalog, Kingshighway at Forest Park Parkway Set to Become At-Grade Intersection, morning roll, Snark picks, Ultrajams Spotify mix.

George. These days, he’s all about shuffle-crawling over to the vent in the family room and waiting till the heat kicks on. It’s his favorite thing. Such an awesome little dude.

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