Monday, December 21, 2015

december twenty-first

Five for December 21st:

Short week. Three days in the office this week, at least one of which will be a complete blowoff. Here’s to the long weekend.

Winter crop. The spring-like temperatures over the last few weeks led to a surprise row of kale popping up in the backyard garden- and just in time, as we recently inherited a gently-used cold frame. Fresh greens all winter!

George. He’s this close to crawling on his knees (he has nearly perfected the army crawl at this point) and is now sitting upright for extended periods of time without toppling over.

Cool stuff. New plain black hoodie, new Dan’s Comp catalog, free issues of St. Louis magazine in the mail, Vacation DVD, Schlafly winter market/xmas ale, Argentina's underwater town that was submerged for 30 years, neighborhood adventures with Jane.

Thrashin'. Good times at a mysteriously uncrowded JB yesterday with Andy and Brians Tucker, Fair, Boeser, and Hammack (in no particular order). The shred was on high despite the wind.

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