Friday, January 29, 2016

january twenty-ninth

Five for January 29th:

Dan’s Comp. Fastest shipping of any company anywhere. Ordered a new hoodie from them on Wednesday and it showed up yesterday. Plus they always throw in stickers.

Random thoughts. I feel like Pump Up The Volume should be way more of a cult classic than it actually is.

Powell. New spring catalog is up on the Skateone site. A+ on most of it, but the “bug” reissue with the joint and pot leaf background is beyond lame. Not that I have an issue with pot, but there are already more than enough companies pandering to that demographic.

Cool stuff. Afternoon flatland riding, Clifton Park at dusk, popcorn Friday, playing drums, Girlfriend From Hell on Youtube, Henry Rollins: I just went through Phil Lynott’s record collection with his mom.

Weekend action. Going to be an awesome one coming up, weather-wise. No plans other than some skating, some riding, hitting the park, and just generally being outside as much as possible.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

january twenty-eighth

Five for January 28th:

George. My little dude turned eight months old yesterday, and it shows. Fully crawling, starting to pull himself up on stuff, and interacting with Jane on new levels. It’s great to watch, and crazy to already be closing in on the year mark.

Go skate or go home. Outdoor session tonight at either Webster or Deer Creek with Andy.

Solo morning. Getting two kids (and two animals) fed and ready for the day by yourself is tough. Throw in dishes, recycling, diaper changes, and getting yourself ready and it’s nearly impossible. I managed to pull it off somehow.

Cool stuff. New Dan’s Comp hoodie, Daewon Song blunt 720 shove-it out, Matthias Dandois day in the life, Creature Blood Shed video, untouched 70’s Chicago apartment for sale, new episodes of Grosso’s Loveletters coming soon, lunch riding.

Weekend weather. Springlike temperatures today and through the weekend. Excited for some outdoor action with the kids, a trip or two to the skatepark, and some backyard hanging-out and barbecuing.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

january twenty-seventh

Five for January 27th:

Ken McCray memorial. Huge turnout at Firebird last night to remember one of the greats. Cool to see so many people out. Scored one of the limited-run Tilts shirts before they sold out, too.

This morning. Awesome one. Took the morning off for a pancake date with Janey at Chris’, and then hit up JB for a sunshiney skate session with Tucker. Rolled in at 11:30, good to go.

Coffee. 2.5 bags of Sumatra at home and another full bag at work. I think we’re set for a little while.

Cool stuff. George is legitimately crawling, New Real Tommy Guerrero lineup, Kink Bikes Intervention full video, Headspace app, yolandas with Brian, sleeping in my own bed.

Mallrats. It doesn’t really hold up.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

january twenty-sixth

Five for January 26th:

California. Highlights included five days of amazing weather, Pizzanista in Long Beach with Larry, chicken and waffles at Roscoe’s with Aaron and Seth, hanging out with Liane, Star Wars at the Imax, a private Gregg Bissonette drum clinic, and meeting Questlove. Somewhere in there I managed to work about 40 solid hours.

Catching up. A veritable mountain of work to get through at the office, which was expected. Luckily my coworkers did a great job covering for me while I was out, so it’s nowhere near as bad as it could be. Thanks dudes!

The kids. I hadn’t been away for that long since before Jane was born. FaceTime and a consistent stream of videos and photos from Lisa got me through it, but it was way tougher than I thought it would be.

Cool stuff. Marshall messenger bag, fifty-dollar bill from Snark, Elizabeth Warren is Now The Most Likely To Be Bernie Sanders’ VP Choice, Ride On with Ryan Nyquist, The John Buultjens Podcast, getting back on the board, Ken McCray memorial at Firebird tonight, an inside look at Welcome Skateboards.

Tuesday soundtrack. Black Sabbath, John Coltrane, Fugazi, Jimmy Smith, Kyuss, Oblivians, Mastodon, Graveyard.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

january nineteenth

Five for January 19th:

Tonight. Excited to spend an hour or more driving six miles home because everyone is terrified of an inch of snow on the ground.

Southwest Airlines. I love that I can check in for a Southwest flight literally one nanosecond after it will allow me to and still get the ass-end of "B" boarding group. Hey, at least I should still get an aisle seat.

Tuesday soundtrack. Mastodon, D.R.I., Dillinger Four, UK Subs, the Sword, Hell Night, High on Fire, Dead Kennedys.

Cool stuff. Old school BMX catalog gallery, UK Parliament debates banning Donald Trump, 3 Kings with Tom and Brian, RFT moving from the Loop to the Central West End, ten best riders over 30.

Seeya on the flipside. Blog hiatus until sometime next week, exactly when to be determined by how quickly I can catch up with real life. You'll know when I do.

Monday, January 18, 2016

january eighteenth

Five for January 18th:

Deep freeze. 5 degrees on the drive in today, with a wind chill a lot lower than that. Hard to believe it was 73 a few days ago. Coffee brewing, space heater on. Spring begins in eight weeks.

Travel light. Going to try to fit everything I need for five days in California in my new rolling backpack. Rule one for me: never check bags unless you absolutely have to. The less to have to deal with hauling around, the better.

Planet Score. Picked up a copy of Husker Du’s Warehouse: Songs and Stories, along with a killer Jimmy Smith live album from the bargain bin. That place is great.

Cool stuff. Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast, weekend roll-arounds, 50-cent coffee, iPhone photo dump, summer vacation plans finalized, George has slept all night two nights in a row, Bernie Sanders shuts down Andrea Mitchell, dinner and drinks with Mary and Keith.

In stitches. Made my first-ever attempt at sewing something last night, mending together a tear in the leg of my jeans. Looks pretty good if I do say so myself. Better than tossing them away.

Friday, January 15, 2016

january fifteenth

Five for January 15th:

Sleep training. This weekend will mark the final three days of official sleep training for George, who has made gigantic strides over the last few weeks and is now not only putting himself to sleep with almost no issue, but for the most part sleeping through the night, every night.

Springtime in January. It was 73 degrees and sunny at lunch yesterday. Mid-January. There were people running in Forest Park with their shirts off.

2016. It’s a bummer when people whose work you enjoy pass away, but if you’re using celebrity deaths as a barometer with which to measure how your year is going so far, you’re doing it wrong.

Cool stuff. Black Flag Thirsty and Miserable, evening parking lot flatland, Jason Adams Freedom of the Road, 2016 Madrid reissues, Taj Mahal lunch date with Lisa, popcorn Friday.

Weekend action. Mercs at Tap Room, packing for Anaheim, Ramp Riders session, hanging out with the family. Regrettably have to pass on this year’s RV show, as we have no sitter and I’m going to be spending the better part of next week standing around a convention center as it is. We’ll be back in 2017 with a vengeance.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

january fourteenth

Five for January 14th:

Politics. The Nation endorses Bernie Sanders, Why I Will Never Vote for Donald Trump (as written by a lifelong Republican).

Skateone. New spring catalog is out and features some killer stuff- including long-overdue Frankie Hill bulldog and Jay Smith reissues, the classic Bug graphic on a functional shape, and some other goodies.

Public Domain bonus footage. Speaking of Powell Peralya, my 12-year-old brain just exploded watching this lost footage of Mike V’s Public Domain part. If you do nothing else today, watch this.

Cool stuff. Jane’s Ansel Adams photography, Ranchito with Tom and Craig, Dixon shirt, Buzzcocks on Spotify, Trouble at Turkey Farm, beautiful weather is back.

Riding bikes. Got in some flatland and a few curb-cut bunnyhops yesterday afternoon, which was super fun. Somehow I split my pants leg on a bad landing, but that’s just the price you pay.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

january thirteenth

Five for January 13th:

Rams back to LA. Let this be a lesson to the corrupt St. Louis board of aldermen and other elected officials who were so quick to strip away a public vote and rush through an overblown, financially devastating four hundred million dollar taxpayer-funded stadium plan in an effort to appease some fuckwad billionaire and an equally-rotten football league. Good riddance.

Warm-up. Temperatures should rise by almost 25 degrees from where they were on the drive in, which means some afternoon BMX riding in the back alleys of the Loop is likely to go down. Got to take advantage.

California trip. Coming up in a week. Going to be a pretty insane show for SLM this year. Lots going on, lots to brush up on, lots to remember to bring and do. Looking like 70-ish degree weather with little to no rain, which sounds pretty right on to me.

Cool stuff. SOTU highlights, Haro Puerto Rico 2015, morning curbslides, An Oregon Miltia Idiot Throws a Tantrum Because People Are Sending Bags of Dicks, Verizon gave this guy Sir Mix-A-Lot’s old phone number, Sumatra restock, The Oral History of The Search for Animal Chin, red beans and rice.

Girl scout cookie season. Can I resist the siren call of the Samoa and the Tagalong? Doubtful.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

january twelfth

Five for January 12th:

Free money. Scored $100 in Amex gift cards at work today in a sales promo I won that I’d completely forgotten about. No beating that.

It’s Always Sunny. The new season on Netflix is destroying me. So damn funny. I can’t believe there was a time I didn’t like that show.

Sad but true. Obnoxiousness is the new charisma. Thankfully, not everyone buys it.

Cool stuff. Paul gets a shout-out on Snakebite BMX’s Instagram, Black Metal Yoga: The Dark Side of Enlightenment, morning coffee stop, plastic bottle homes are popping up around the world, the greatest American train journey that time forgot, cantaloupe, extra vacation day, 2015 round up: Dennis Enarson, free Lamb of God koozie.

Tuesday soundtrack. Redd Kross, Bob Dylan, Black Flag, Descendents, Gaunt, Fleetwood Mac, Testament, Bad Brains.

Monday, January 11, 2016

january eleventh

Five for January 11th:

Harsh reminder. It is actually winter, despite the last few weeks of almost-springlike temperatures. Almost slipped on an ice patch in the parking lot this morning. Luckily it'll be back up to 50 on Thursday.

STL metal. The scene was represented in full force Saturday night at Firebird, with a packed crowd and pound-for-pound the four best locals in the genre. Ear-splintering.

Gone too soon. Lemmy Killmister, Ken McCray, and David Bowie all in the span of two weeks. Some heavy-duty losses, both at home and abroad.

Cool stuff. JB Sunday sesh with the old man crew, back brakes on the Haro are fixed, Jane the prep cook, letter from the Plywood Hoods, work snack re-up, backyard freestyle, remembering to take out the trash.

St. Louis will be just fine as a two-team town. "In St. Louis, it's looking like we won't have a nifty new football stadium on the river. So what? We'll have places like Al's Restaurant – a 90-year-old landmark where the bar looks like a riverboat, where the Manhattans are stiff and the waiter is old enough to be your grandfather. Give me that over a $1.1 billion dome any day. That we're not spending $355 million in public money on these landmarks is just the cherry on top."

Friday, January 8, 2016

january eighth

Five for January 8th:

Bad start. I remembered to do everything but put the actual coffee in the filter last night, and woke up to a steaming pot of hot water this morning.

Deadwood resurrected. Finally, some long-awaited resolution to one of the best shows of all time is coming down the pike. Rejoice, hoopleheads.

Trump rally recap. I went to a Donald Trump rally and saw a man wearing a plastic bag as a shirt is the best thing you’ll read all day (with accompanying photos and video). Don’t dawdle.

Cool stuff. New lightning cable and SLM luggage tag, Scotty Cranmer - The Worst Skatepark Ever, Agenda photos on Instagram, Ranchito with Tom and Brian, Municipal Waste’s newest t-shirt, popcorn Friday.

Weekend action. Hell Night/Black Fast/ Lion’s Daughter at Firebird, hanging with the kids, hopefully an indoor skate session at Ramp Riders, potential drinks with Scott, and more. Or less.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

january seventh

Five for January 7th:

Lost Ban This/Mike V footage. The question of “did Mike Vallely ever film anything for the sixth Bones Brigade video?” has finally been answered. Jaw dropping.

Fair trade. Does Stan Kroenke insulting St. Louis mean we’re off the hook for another taxpayer-funded monstrosity of a football stadium that we can't afford and don’t need? If the answer is yes, I’m sold. Good riddance.

CB&W. Got the Lisa-recommended custom bowl with brown rice, veggies, tofu and peanut sauce, and it ruled. Awesome and healthy.

Cool stuff. New coat, watching Gummi Bears with Jane, homemade lasagna, new business cards, Juice magazine issue 74, 27 Incredible Vintage Photos of Artists in Gaslight Square, The New York Public Library just uploaded nearly 200,000 images you can use for free, Juice Plus to-go cup, How About Some Oregon Militia Homoerotic Fan Fiction?

The Loop Trolley Bailout: A Retrospective. The Loop trolley project is somehow even more of a shit-show than I had originally thought. What a joke.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

january sixth

Five for January 6th:

Sleep training. George has taken to getting himself to sleep like he’d been doing it forever, which is a huge relief given he’s a little tank and our backs couldn’t take many more days/weeks of bouncing him down every night.

NAMM. Leaving for Anaheim with Seth two weeks from today. Hoping to avoid the El Nino rains, but it's looking like this trip might end up being a wet one.

Current viewing. New episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and New Girl, finishing up The Arrow, catching up on Walking Dead, and re-watching Mad Men from the ground up.

Cool stuff. Paying off the credit card, Bossa Nova Spotify radio, at home with Bruno Hoffman, How Tom Knox Went From a Complete Unknown to One of the Best Skaters in the World, photographing boredom and teenage angst in 80s America, new issue of Thrasher.

Star Wars. Looks like we’re going to hopefully get a chance to go see it sometime next week. How I’ve managed to resist reading reviews/spoilers as long as I have is a small miracle in itself.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

january fifth

Five for January 5th:

Dentist appointment. The bad: I have a small cavity starting to form that needs to get filled and my blood pressure was a little high. The good: I got to hear my dental technician talk at length about Alice in Chains and the gun her boyfriend bought her for Christmas.

2016 Moleskine. Finally showed up yesterday. Always fun getting it stickered up and dialed in.

New Year’s resolutions. I actually have some this year: drink more tea and less coffee, spend way less time glued to my phone, relax, eat better, sell some stuff that’s taking up space in my basement, and get back to riding my bike to work after more or less a whole summer off. Should be easy enough.

Cool stuff. Space adventures with Jane, Obama announces executive order on gun control, The Pete Augustin podcast, This Proves That Ben Raybourn Is One Of The Best Bowl Skaters Alive, morning railslides, Hoffman Bikes 25th anniversary tribute,

Tuesday soundtrack. Black Fast, John Coltrane, Elvis Costello, Iron Maiden, Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Tilts, Kreator.

Monday, January 4, 2016

january fourth

Five for January 4th:

2016. Coming together nicely. Trips to southern California for work and Florida for vacation, getting back to bike commuting semi-regularly, tons of hanging out with the family, skate sessions, rock shows, park jogs, and perhaps some form of new (low-commitment) musical project. Gonna be a good one.

Backyardin’. Put in our new shed, built a teepee, mulched the flower box, rode some bikes with Jane, de-cluttered, and enjoyed the mild weather.

Vanilla Isis. They’d be killed if they weren’t black: The racial double standard at the heart of the Oregon standoff.

Cool stuff. Mat Hoffman Blasting into 25 years, George is almost sitting up and crawling, cornbread muffins, JB sesh with Brian, green tea, Little Cheapfucks: A Day in the Life of The Picturebooks.

This blog. Pondering some changes for the year. May move to a two-list a week format (one Monday, one Friday) starting pretty soon. Not 100% decided, but I’ve been doing the “5 things a day” format for longer than I ever thought I would. I still enjoy doing it, but can’t help think that 2 posts a week of better content might work just as well as 5 posts of spotty content. Who knows.