Monday, January 18, 2016

january eighteenth

Five for January 18th:

Deep freeze. 5 degrees on the drive in today, with a wind chill a lot lower than that. Hard to believe it was 73 a few days ago. Coffee brewing, space heater on. Spring begins in eight weeks.

Travel light. Going to try to fit everything I need for five days in California in my new rolling backpack. Rule one for me: never check bags unless you absolutely have to. The less to have to deal with hauling around, the better.

Planet Score. Picked up a copy of Husker Du’s Warehouse: Songs and Stories, along with a killer Jimmy Smith live album from the bargain bin. That place is great.

Cool stuff. Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast, weekend roll-arounds, 50-cent coffee, iPhone photo dump, summer vacation plans finalized, George has slept all night two nights in a row, Bernie Sanders shuts down Andrea Mitchell, dinner and drinks with Mary and Keith.

In stitches. Made my first-ever attempt at sewing something last night, mending together a tear in the leg of my jeans. Looks pretty good if I do say so myself. Better than tossing them away.

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