Monday, January 11, 2016

january eleventh

Five for January 11th:

Harsh reminder. It is actually winter, despite the last few weeks of almost-springlike temperatures. Almost slipped on an ice patch in the parking lot this morning. Luckily it'll be back up to 50 on Thursday.

STL metal. The scene was represented in full force Saturday night at Firebird, with a packed crowd and pound-for-pound the four best locals in the genre. Ear-splintering.

Gone too soon. Lemmy Killmister, Ken McCray, and David Bowie all in the span of two weeks. Some heavy-duty losses, both at home and abroad.

Cool stuff. JB Sunday sesh with the old man crew, back brakes on the Haro are fixed, Jane the prep cook, letter from the Plywood Hoods, work snack re-up, backyard freestyle, remembering to take out the trash.

St. Louis will be just fine as a two-team town. "In St. Louis, it's looking like we won't have a nifty new football stadium on the river. So what? We'll have places like Al's Restaurant – a 90-year-old landmark where the bar looks like a riverboat, where the Manhattans are stiff and the waiter is old enough to be your grandfather. Give me that over a $1.1 billion dome any day. That we're not spending $355 million in public money on these landmarks is just the cherry on top."

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