Friday, January 15, 2016

january fifteenth

Five for January 15th:

Sleep training. This weekend will mark the final three days of official sleep training for George, who has made gigantic strides over the last few weeks and is now not only putting himself to sleep with almost no issue, but for the most part sleeping through the night, every night.

Springtime in January. It was 73 degrees and sunny at lunch yesterday. Mid-January. There were people running in Forest Park with their shirts off.

2016. It’s a bummer when people whose work you enjoy pass away, but if you’re using celebrity deaths as a barometer with which to measure how your year is going so far, you’re doing it wrong.

Cool stuff. Black Flag Thirsty and Miserable, evening parking lot flatland, Jason Adams Freedom of the Road, 2016 Madrid reissues, Taj Mahal lunch date with Lisa, popcorn Friday.

Weekend action. Mercs at Tap Room, packing for Anaheim, Ramp Riders session, hanging out with the family. Regrettably have to pass on this year’s RV show, as we have no sitter and I’m going to be spending the better part of next week standing around a convention center as it is. We’ll be back in 2017 with a vengeance.

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