Tuesday, January 5, 2016

january fifth

Five for January 5th:

Dentist appointment. The bad: I have a small cavity starting to form that needs to get filled and my blood pressure was a little high. The good: I got to hear my dental technician talk at length about Alice in Chains and the gun her boyfriend bought her for Christmas.

2016 Moleskine. Finally showed up yesterday. Always fun getting it stickered up and dialed in.

New Year’s resolutions. I actually have some this year: drink more tea and less coffee, spend way less time glued to my phone, relax, eat better, sell some stuff that’s taking up space in my basement, and get back to riding my bike to work after more or less a whole summer off. Should be easy enough.

Cool stuff. Space adventures with Jane, Obama announces executive order on gun control, The Pete Augustin podcast, This Proves That Ben Raybourn Is One Of The Best Bowl Skaters Alive, morning railslides, Hoffman Bikes 25th anniversary tribute,

Tuesday soundtrack. Black Fast, John Coltrane, Elvis Costello, Iron Maiden, Gorilla Biscuits, Youth of Today, Tilts, Kreator.

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