Thursday, January 14, 2016

january fourteenth

Five for January 14th:

Politics. The Nation endorses Bernie Sanders, Why I Will Never Vote for Donald Trump (as written by a lifelong Republican).

Skateone. New spring catalog is out and features some killer stuff- including long-overdue Frankie Hill bulldog and Jay Smith reissues, the classic Bug graphic on a functional shape, and some other goodies.

Public Domain bonus footage. Speaking of Powell Peralya, my 12-year-old brain just exploded watching this lost footage of Mike V’s Public Domain part. If you do nothing else today, watch this.

Cool stuff. Jane’s Ansel Adams photography, Ranchito with Tom and Craig, Dixon shirt, Buzzcocks on Spotify, Trouble at Turkey Farm, beautiful weather is back.

Riding bikes. Got in some flatland and a few curb-cut bunnyhops yesterday afternoon, which was super fun. Somehow I split my pants leg on a bad landing, but that’s just the price you pay.

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