Monday, January 4, 2016

january fourth

Five for January 4th:

2016. Coming together nicely. Trips to southern California for work and Florida for vacation, getting back to bike commuting semi-regularly, tons of hanging out with the family, skate sessions, rock shows, park jogs, and perhaps some form of new (low-commitment) musical project. Gonna be a good one.

Backyardin’. Put in our new shed, built a teepee, mulched the flower box, rode some bikes with Jane, de-cluttered, and enjoyed the mild weather.

Vanilla Isis. They’d be killed if they weren’t black: The racial double standard at the heart of the Oregon standoff.

Cool stuff. Mat Hoffman Blasting into 25 years, George is almost sitting up and crawling, cornbread muffins, JB sesh with Brian, green tea, Little Cheapfucks: A Day in the Life of The Picturebooks.

This blog. Pondering some changes for the year. May move to a two-list a week format (one Monday, one Friday) starting pretty soon. Not 100% decided, but I’ve been doing the “5 things a day” format for longer than I ever thought I would. I still enjoy doing it, but can’t help think that 2 posts a week of better content might work just as well as 5 posts of spotty content. Who knows.

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