Tuesday, January 19, 2016

january nineteenth

Five for January 19th:

Tonight. Excited to spend an hour or more driving six miles home because everyone is terrified of an inch of snow on the ground.

Southwest Airlines. I love that I can check in for a Southwest flight literally one nanosecond after it will allow me to and still get the ass-end of "B" boarding group. Hey, at least I should still get an aisle seat.

Tuesday soundtrack. Mastodon, D.R.I., Dillinger Four, UK Subs, the Sword, Hell Night, High on Fire, Dead Kennedys.

Cool stuff. Old school BMX catalog gallery, UK Parliament debates banning Donald Trump, 3 Kings with Tom and Brian, RFT moving from the Loop to the Central West End, ten best riders over 30.

Seeya on the flipside. Blog hiatus until sometime next week, exactly when to be determined by how quickly I can catch up with real life. You'll know when I do.

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