Thursday, January 28, 2016

january twenty-eighth

Five for January 28th:

George. My little dude turned eight months old yesterday, and it shows. Fully crawling, starting to pull himself up on stuff, and interacting with Jane on new levels. It’s great to watch, and crazy to already be closing in on the year mark.

Go skate or go home. Outdoor session tonight at either Webster or Deer Creek with Andy.

Solo morning. Getting two kids (and two animals) fed and ready for the day by yourself is tough. Throw in dishes, recycling, diaper changes, and getting yourself ready and it’s nearly impossible. I managed to pull it off somehow.

Cool stuff. New Dan’s Comp hoodie, Daewon Song blunt 720 shove-it out, Matthias Dandois day in the life, Creature Blood Shed video, untouched 70’s Chicago apartment for sale, new episodes of Grosso’s Loveletters coming soon, lunch riding.

Weekend weather. Springlike temperatures today and through the weekend. Excited for some outdoor action with the kids, a trip or two to the skatepark, and some backyard hanging-out and barbecuing.

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