Friday, January 29, 2016

january twenty-ninth

Five for January 29th:

Dan’s Comp. Fastest shipping of any company anywhere. Ordered a new hoodie from them on Wednesday and it showed up yesterday. Plus they always throw in stickers.

Random thoughts. I feel like Pump Up The Volume should be way more of a cult classic than it actually is.

Powell. New spring catalog is up on the Skateone site. A+ on most of it, but the “bug” reissue with the joint and pot leaf background is beyond lame. Not that I have an issue with pot, but there are already more than enough companies pandering to that demographic.

Cool stuff. Afternoon flatland riding, Clifton Park at dusk, popcorn Friday, playing drums, Girlfriend From Hell on Youtube, Henry Rollins: I just went through Phil Lynott’s record collection with his mom.

Weekend action. Going to be an awesome one coming up, weather-wise. No plans other than some skating, some riding, hitting the park, and just generally being outside as much as possible.

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