Wednesday, January 27, 2016

january twenty-seventh

Five for January 27th:

Ken McCray memorial. Huge turnout at Firebird last night to remember one of the greats. Cool to see so many people out. Scored one of the limited-run Tilts shirts before they sold out, too.

This morning. Awesome one. Took the morning off for a pancake date with Janey at Chris’, and then hit up JB for a sunshiney skate session with Tucker. Rolled in at 11:30, good to go.

Coffee. 2.5 bags of Sumatra at home and another full bag at work. I think we’re set for a little while.

Cool stuff. George is legitimately crawling, New Real Tommy Guerrero lineup, Kink Bikes Intervention full video, Headspace app, yolandas with Brian, sleeping in my own bed.

Mallrats. It doesn’t really hold up.

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