Thursday, February 18, 2016

february eighteenth

Five for February 18th:

Solo parenting. Had both kids to myself to wrangle up this morning, in addition to trying to get myself ready for work, get dishes washed, pets fed, and whatever else. Somewhere in there I drank a cup of coffee, I think.

Ed Force One. Iron Maiden’s customized 747, new and improved for 2016. Definitely the coolest airplane to ever take to the skies.

Rider Cup Contest ’92. Some super fun contest footage from the early dark days of skating and BMX. Bonus: synchronized rollerblading.

Cool stuff. Strawberry Pop-Tarts, late evening roll-around at Deer Creek, backyard bikes, 10 Abandoned Subway Stations and Forgotten Subterranean Platforms of New York City, forgotten Q'Doba gift card.

Mi Ranchito. Brought lunch in, but the combined lure of lunch cheesesteak, getting out of the building, and hanging with friends won the day. My PB&J and hard-boiled egg will have to wait till tomorrow.

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