Monday, February 8, 2016

february eighth

Five for February 8th:

Return of the cold. Back into the 20’s and below for the next week or so, though it’s hard to complain after another sunny weekend in the mid-fifties.

One man’s trash. Found two jump ramps, a couple of jacked-up decks (one an Element), and a fingerboard bowl sitting beside a trash can over the weekend. Score!

Skate trip. Hit up Belleville skatepark with Andy over the weekend. First time there in forever. Good times despite the (expectedly) weird crowd and overabundance of scooter kids. Polished it off with a stop at Jolly Roger to shoot the shit and screen some shirts.

Cool stuff. Set of OG Schmitt Stix street razors, new pair of Pig rails, front flip to frame snap, pancake date with Janey, Mike V Making Peace with Public Domain, new lightning cable, There’s No Way To Describe How Ridiculous The Botched Intros Were At The GOP Debate, homemade chili.

History buffed. Got a chance to check out the Walk in 1875 St. Louis exhibit over the weekend before it shut down. Totally amazing. Clifton Heights was literally fields in those days.

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