Thursday, February 11, 2016

february eleventh

Five for February 11th:

Like a rocket. George can now crawl full-speed across a room in the blink of an eye, has perfected pulling up on the couch, and is now working on walking while holding on to it. He made it pretty much the whole length of the thing this morning.

Japanese ghost taxi passengers. I’ll take the next one.

We hardly knew ye. Looks like the Chris Christie and Carly Fiorina presidential campaigns have both been shipped off to that big baby-part flea market in the sky. Who would’ve thought?

Cool stuff. Summer of Colony Road Trip, lunch with Brian, Why Bernie is Beating Hillary, Dogtown Scott Oster reissues, yesterday would have been Cliff Burton’s 54th birthday, new Ryan Nyquist interview.

Sled sesh. Hoping to hit some hills in Clifton Park tonight with Jane, provided the snow is plentiful enough to sled on, and the temperature isn’t too close to below freezing.

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