Friday, February 19, 2016

february ninteenth

Five for February 19th:

Bike commuting. Rode in to work today for the first time since before George was born. Made it door to door in 30 minutes. The weather is too amazing not to take advantage of, and it felt awesome to get the blood pumping.

Fish Fry. Much as I’m craving some fried cod and a giant scoop of mac n’ cheese, it’s simple too nice outside to squander away a Friday evening in some church basement. Maybe next week.

Busy day. This post is going up late today due to an unusually busy day at work. For a Friday anyway. What’re you gonna do?

Cool stuff. Nigel Sylvester Pays Tribute to Dave Mirra, The Rotting Rothschild Mansion in Paris, popcorn Friday, morning driveway roll-around, playing birthday with Jane, Bernie Sanders Overtakes Hillary Clinton in 3 More States.

Weekend action. Riding bikes, skate session at JB with the old man crew, taking the kids to the park, backyard bbq, being outdoors as much as possible.

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