Tuesday, February 2, 2016

february second

Five for February 2nd:

Iowa Caucuses. Trump loses, Sanders and Clinton are still neck and neck- a feat most thought impossible. On to New Hampshire.

Turbo Kid. One part Rad, one part BMX Bandits, one part Mad Max, one part Cherry 2000. The most insanely awesome and comically gory movie ever. Currently on Netflix. Watch it immediately.

Waiting Room. Rare video of Fugazi in St. Louis circa 1988. Not sure of the venue. Guess this was before they started chastising their audiences for stagediving.

Cool stuff. Blueberry muffins at work, morning space adventures with Jane, 3 Kings with Brian, Cheap Corey O’Brien “Mutant City” decks at SCS.

Tuesday soundtrack. D.R.I., Pixies, Bad Brains, Iron Maiden, Joy Division, Blondie, The Sword, Electric Frankenstein.

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