Wednesday, February 17, 2016

february seventeenth

Five for February 17th:

Rad weather. Most of the snow from a couple days ago is already melted, and a week or so of super mild, spring-like temperatures are coming up. I'm ready for some outdoor action.

Workplace overhaul. The new showroom across from our office is coming together and looking awesome. Huge drum display, wall of guitars, and new meeting/conference space. The space is a huge improvement and everyone down here is stoked to have it accessible full-time.

Finding Dory. Jane is excited about going to see her first movie in a theater in a few months. And I am excited about taking her.

Cool stuff. R.I.P. Love Park, Remembering Dave Mirra, Sanders catches up to Clinton in Nevada after explosive surge of support, lunch with Brian, The Shrine on Spotify, No Man’s Sky.

Summer travels. Bunch of good stuff coming up. Anniversary weekend in Grafton, family vacations to Florida and Table Rock Lake, a potential cabin-rental weekend in the woods with old friends, and whatever else comes along.

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