Monday, February 15, 2016

february fifteenth

Five for February 15th:

Snow day. Perfect powdery snow for sledding the hill in Clifton Park with Jane, and also quick and easy shoveling of the driveway.

Alice in Wonderland. Bought the Little Golden Book for Jane on a whim in the checkout line at the store last night and she loved it. I had to read it to her three times before bed, and she started watching the movie this morning. She can already name all the characters.

CafĂ© Mochi. Saturday night sushi Valentine’s date with Lisa. Best volcano roll I’ve ever had, and a top-notch Gojira as well. Topped off with some Sapporo and sake’.

Cool stuff. This guy, 70 degrees by Friday, The History of Powell Peralta’s Skull & Sword, Bernie Sanders skate stickers, Home Turf featuring Mike Varga, Democrat's Bill Requires Men To Have Note From Wife, Pledge Oath On Bible To Get Viagra, The Day Beyonce Turned Black.

Skating. Plans to hit Morganford for a chilly outdoor session with Andy were quashed due to snow and ice on the transitions, so we re-routed to Ramp Riders for a fast and dirty mini-ramp jam before the place got packed. Also squeezed in a few boardslides at Webster.

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